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Gardener Lion

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Watch your child's eyes light up when she/he gets this adorable Gardener Lion doll . Get the raised bed and vegetables pattern from my Etsy shop(for the price of a coffee) and your little one can act out their favorite garden stories from the comfort of home. He can easily be undressed and re-outfitted with dress-up kits available separately in other Blog posts.

I haven't used anything that can be hazardous for small babies so if you are following my instruction you will make a 100% safe toy.

His pattern is an easy one, suitable for beginners. I tried to reduce the sewing by making the head and the body to be a single piece. And I will show you a great method to prevent the head from tilting backwards. I call it neck stiffener.

Copyright Notice

© 2022, Poppy Crochet Design, All rights reserved

This pattern was created and designed by me - Poppy Crochet Design/Blahó Emese Zsuzsanna.

The pattern is for personal use only. The pattern or parts of it may be not reproduced, redistributed, resold, translated, published (online or printed), altered, shared or posted (for sale or free) over the internet or offline! You may link to this pattern but you may not copy any part of the pattern instructions on other websites.

However you are welcome to sell the finished creations you made by using my pattern but only in limited numbers and handmade by you.

Please clearly credit the design to Poppy Crochet Design and link it to my website or me shop.(


Thank you very much for choosing my pattern to make. I am really appreciate it :) I wish you a pleasant time while working on it. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me by hitting the chat button or via Instagram or Facebook. You can find me as Poppy Crochet Design on both platforms.

If you can`t start working on this pattern right now, you can it on your Pinterest Crochet Project Board. (and if you are there you can follow me 😊)

Lion Pattern

If you don't have Schachenmayr yarn in your country you can substitute it with anything that has the same properties as on the label above. Make sure it is a mercerized cotton.

For example:

DMC perle (size 8) : black ( embroidering the eyes)

Neck Stiffener

¨ This will be a tube-like shape, that needs to be inserted into the neck after the head is filled and most of the body part is already done. Do it as the leg, but it is just 14 Round "tall".

¨ Must be filled very firmly- seeing the filling is not an issue at this point, it is a must :) - if it is done as written it will prevent the head from tilting backwards.

¨ Insert it into the neck after Row 35 - - approximately half of it goes into the head and half of it stays in the body

Congratulation ! All the parts are done. Attach them and embroider the details. If you can't stop crocheting animals/bunnies I recommend you my other bunny patterns on my blog. You can choose to make the clothes only , as all of them are removable. 1 animal with endless clothing options.

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( The graphic elements I used are from www. )

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