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Bunny Rattle

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The soft Bunny Rattle is a perfect first toy for your baby. It will be soft and delicate, made of ultra-tender, pleasant to the touch. The rattling elements will encourage your child to play and positively affect development of the sense of hearing. Its shape will make it easier for baby to learn how to grasp. The bunny is perfect for hugging and as a first play companion.

If you follow my instructions it will be super safe too :)

Copyright Notice

© 2021, Poppy Crochet Design, All rights reserved

This pattern was created and designed by me - Poppy Crochet Design/Blahó Emese Zsuzsanna.

The pattern is for personal use only. The pattern or parts of it may be not reproduced, redistributed, resold, translated, published (online or printed), altered, shared or posted (for sale or free) over the internet or offline! You may link to this pattern but you may not copy any part of the pattern instructions on other websites.

However you are welcome to sell the finished creations you made by using my pattern but only in limited numbers and handmade by you.

Please clearly credit the design to Poppy Crochet Design and link it to my website or me shop.(


Thank you very much for choosing my pattern to make. I am really appreciate it :) I wish you a pleasant time while working on it. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me by hitting the chat button or via Instagram or Facebook. You can find me as Poppy Crochet Design on both platforms.

If you can`t start working on this pattern right now, you can pin it on your Pinterest Crochet Project Board.

Abbreviations/ Terms Used

· The pattern is written with American Standard Terms/Abbreviations

· The size of the doll is going to be around 15 cm tall by using the given tools and materials.

mr - magic ring

st(s) - stitch(es)

slst - slip stitch

ch - chain

sc - single crochet

inc - 2 single crochet into one stitch

inv-sc2tog - invisible decrease over 2 single crochet

BLO - back loop only


Yarns :

Schachenmayr Catania Originals: The well-known and popular Catania is produced from high quality 100% combed and mercerized cotton. Yarn weight: Sport - 5ply | Fine(2) .

  • 0423 – pink

  • 0256 – dark pink

  • 0399 – gray

If you don't have this yarn in your country you can substitute it with anything that has the same properties as on the label above. Make sure it is a mercerized cotton.

For example:

DMC perle (size 8) : black ( embroidering the eyes)

Other materials and tools:

  • Thread for eyes ( DMC perle thread)

  • Needles for sewing the parts together / Embroidering

  • Wooden ring (5 cm diameter) ( Make sure the wooden ring you use has been tested for toxins and passed the test. A common curtain ring is not always the best choice as they might have been varnished or treated with something that is not visible on the surface.)

(the choice of hook size can be dependent on the tension of the individual crocheter use - each individual can change the hook size suits them best with certain types of yarn )

Head Pattern

Use the Schachenmayr Catania Originals gray (399) yarn. Work in continuous spirals. Mark the beginning of the rounds with a piece of yarn or stitchmarker.

Row 1 : 6 sc in magic ring ( 6 )

Row 2 : [ inc ] * 6 (12)

Row 3 : [1 sc, inc ] * 6 (18)

Row 4 : 1 sc ,inc, [ 2 sc, inc ]*5, 1 sc (24)

Row 5 : [ 3sc, inc ] * 6 (30)

Row 6 : 2 sc, inc, [ 4 sc, inc ] *5, 2 sc (36)

Row 7 : [ 5sc, inc ] * 6 (42)

Row 8 -14 (7): 42 sc (42)

Row 15 : [5 sc, inv-sc2tog ] * 6 (36)

Row 16 : 2 sc, inv-sc2tog, [4sc, inv-sc2tog] *5, 2sc (30)

Fill it with fiberfill - insert the rattle ball)

Row 17 : [3 sc, inv-sc2tog ] * 6 (24)

Row 18 : 1 sc, inv-sc2tog, [2sc, inv-sc2tog] *5, 1sc (18)

Row 19 : [1 sc, inv-sc2tog ] * 6 (12)

Row 20 : inv-sc2tog * 6 (6)

¨ Sew hole closed, and leave a long yarn tail for sewing it onto the ring.


Use the Schachenmayr Catania Originals gray (399) yarn. Do not work in continuous spirals. Instead ch1 and turn at the end of each rows.

Make a foundation chain ( 15 ch)

Row 1 : 14 sc backwards from the 2nd chain from hook. - c1, turn

Row 2- 6(5) (BLO): 14 sc - c1, turn

Leave a long yarn tail to sew it onto the wooden ring. You can sew on the head as well

Ears (2x):

Use the Schachenmayr Catania Originals gray (399) yarn. Work in continuous spirals. Mark the beginning of the rounds with a piece of yarn or stitchmarker.

Row 1 : 6 sc in magic ring ( 6 )

Row 2 : [ inc ] * 6 (12)

Row 3 -4(2) : 12 sc (12)

Row 5 : 10 sc, inv-sc2tog ( 11 )

Row 6 : 9 sc, inv-sc2tog ( 10 )

Row 7 : 8 sc, inv-sc2tog ( 9 )

Row 8 : 7 sc, inv-sc2tog ( 8 )

Row 9 : 6 sc, inv-sc2tog ( 7 )

Row 10 -11 (2) : 7 sc ( 7 )

Leave a long yarn tail to sew it onto the head. Make sure it is symmetrical.


Use the Schachenmayr Catania Originals dark pink (256) yarn.

Row 1 : 6 sc in magic ring, sl st ( 6 )

Row 2 : chain 6, sl st into the starting stitch, sl st into the next stitch, ch 6, sl stitch into the starting point, sl st into next stitch...... repeat around.

Leave a long yarn tail to sew it onto the ear. Make sure you do it properly as it is a small part that shouldn't com off ( it can be a choking hazard )

As a finishing touch you can embroider the facial details as it is shown below. Usually I use my make up blusher to color the cheeks but in this case I recommend to embroider the cheeks as well. You can use any pink or red embroidery thread for doing this.

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